Van den berghe the sculptor was born François VANDENBERGHE, in the Eure et Loir region of
France. He is strongly influenced by the twenty seven years he spent in Gabon where he knew
sporting glory, winning several titles in both motorbike and car racing championships. He was also
creator and expedition leader of the famous Challenge d’Equateur, elected event of the year in 1986.

It was around this time that he really came into contact with elephants, van den berghe subsequently
returned to his native country and has dedicated himself since 1995. Elephants have remained the
artist’s favorite subject, his allegorical narratives being enhanced by a troubling realism.

The artist has a profound affinity with each of his pieces, imbuing them all with a passionate elan and
through allegory, revealing a truth that makes these pachyderms all the more real.

Each sculpture reveals an essence that touches us so much mare profoundly than simple figurative
reproductions, an essence that is intimate yet indefinable, an emotional expressed rebellion.

Van den berghe leads a combat worthy of Don Quixote using animals to depict the scenes with the
aim of arousing our collective conscience.

A close look a the infinite multitude of details in the recent body of work simply takes your breath

And once the initial admiration that is inevitable when confronted by the technical craftsmanship of
theses clay and bronze sculptures, has faded, we are left with the existential question about the
survival of the species, the races and the planet. This is the moment that van den berghe the rebel